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What We Do

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Advertising & Creative

Oxygène is a pool of creative ideas. We work hand in hand with our clients from conceptualization to execution to create innovative, data-driven campaigns to solve business and behavioral problems. From videos, Out of Home executions, radio and TV, we connect our clients to their audiences.

Editorial & Production

Oxygène has a 581.6 sq ft state of the art studio that is more than just a production house. Some of the capabilities include versatile set-ups, multi-camera shoots, digital streaming, photography services, podcast services, sound recording & green studio services. Editorial services include documentaries, publications such as annual reports etc.

Fighting in your corner

Corporate / Public Relations and Stakeholder Engagement

Oxygène works with clients to manage their reputation, and effectively build strong relationships with stakeholders such as their customers, shareholders, regulators, partners and media. Our goal is to enhance our clients’ reputation and maintain a favourable public image.

Crisis & Special Situations

Successful crisis response means more than just getting through the situation. Oxygène assists businesses in handling special situations and managing their reputation. We assist our clients in planning ahead and mapping out potential crisis drivers & playbooks on how to recover and rebuild.

Managing reputations

Policy Advisory Monitoring

Public Affairs & Government relations

Oxygène provides counsel to clients on matters relating to policy by maintaining a pulse on the legislature and any regulatory issues that arise. We assist clients to engage with government bodies, policy makers and the public through extensive stakeholder engagement.

Capital Markets and Financial Communications (Investor Relations)

Oxygène supports clients on communicating financial performance, investor relations, and stakeholder engagement. We create communication material for among others, quarterly earnings announcements, AGMs, IPOs, mergers etc.


Digital World Debut

Digital & Technology

Digital and Technology is at the centre of everything we do at Oxygène. We assist clients to solve business and behavioral problems through a our digital-first mindset. From developing apps and websites, to creating catchy social media campaigns and performance marketing through our advertising partners.

Sports & Entertainment

Sports and entertainment are dynamic cogs that bring joy and recreation in people’s lives, while also serving as economic engines and cultural influencers. We help clients communicate about their sports and entertainment programmes, leveraging on these brand platforms to enhance brand engagement.

Enhancing Brands through Entertainment